Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Clothes crafting now available

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was released worldwide in November, last year, but since then, there’s a highly-requested feature that’s been strangely missing (despite it already having a tab in the crafting menu): clothes crafting. We thought it would be added via an upcoming Software update, but in fact, there’s nothing to download: clothes crafting is now available!

To start crafting your own clothes, there’s not much you need: the required materials and… that’s pretty much it, actually! Head to the Craft menu, and select the Clothing icon (between the Furniture and Amenities icons). Once there, select the piece of clothing you want to craft, from within the following categories: tops, pants, dresses, hats, glasses/masks, shoes, and socks.

Place your order, and Mabel and the rest of the crew will take care of things for you. It looks like it works just like for furniture, so if you’ve already been ordering some, you will not be at a loss. As expected, the pieces of clothing you can craft depend on your current level, with more different types of outfits unlocking as you level up.

To celebrate the launch of this new feature, there’s two Timed Goals for you to complete by… you guessed it, crafting pieces of clothing! Completing them allows you to get a total of 10 Leaf Tickets! They have been added to the Events and Content Updates page.

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