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Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – DLC planning and pricing revealed

After several months of wait, the latest entry in the Ace Attorney series is finally there. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is finally available in Europe, and as of writing, will be available in just a few minutes in North America (9AM PST / 12PM EST).

If you’re already hungry for more content, there’s some good and bad news. The good news is that you can get the Character Pack for free during the first week (until September 14th): it includes a costume for Phoenix Wright (based on Furio Tigre), Apollo Justice (school uniform), and for Athena Cykes (“Très bien” restaurant uniform). From September 15th onward, you will have to pay $0.99 / £0.89 / €0.99 to get this pack.

But there’s more: Capcom officially confirms that both the extra DLC cases and the short-story episodes will be released in Europe and North America. We already knew that Capcom was planning to release the additional content, but it wasn’t clear what… or if it would be free.

And there’s where the bad news kicks in: it will not be free (unlike Japan, where players could get everything for free within the first few weeks and/or by pre-ordering). Here’s the planning and the pricing for the DLC:

  • September 15th – “Phoenix Wright: Asinine Attorney” (short story) and 3DS theme: $3.99 / £3.59 / €3.99

  • September 22nd – “Apollo Justice: Asinine Attorney” (short story) and 3DS theme: $3.99 / £3.59 / €3.99

  • September 29th – “Turnabout Time Traveler” (full-length extra episode): $5.99 / £5.39 / €5.99

Here’s some extra details about the DLC case:

‘Turnabout Time Traveler’ is a full-length episode that takes place after the events of Spirit of Justice. Phoenix Wright’s childhood friend Larry Butz is back and in a pickle as usual. He claims he will be marrying Ellen Wyatt, a new client who is a time-traveling bride and murder suspect, but it seems she already has a husband…


Phoenix Wright and partner Maya Fey will need to help the bride-to-be by investigating for clues that will help them solve this mystery before their match-up in court against Phoenix’s long-time rival, Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.

Finally, here’s the launch trailer (and some screenshots):

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (3DS) comes out today in Europe and North America!


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