3D Out Run coming out next week in EU/NA, screenshots

3D Out Run is a 3D remaster of the arcade game released in 1986 in Japan. All the content from the original game is there, but the developers also included some cool bonuses like two new songs. This version runs at 60fps (which is twice as fast as the original one), and includes a Stage Selection feature (so that players can quit mid-game without losing any progress).

And just like the other SEGA 3D Classics, it includes several difficulty settings, and you can chose among various real-life arcade cabinet: they recreate the appearance, the environmental sounds, and more, of the original cabinets!

Good news for retro fans: 3D Out Run is coming out next week in Europe and North America. Just like the previous SEGA 3D Classics, it will cost 5.99$, which should once again end up as 4.99€.

Here’s some screenshots for 3D Out Run:

3D Out Run (3DS eShop) comes out next week in Europe and North America.

Source: Nintendo



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