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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

After Splatoon 2, ARMS, and even Super Mario Odyssey, it’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s turn to get regular updates via Twitter. And naturally, just like with the aforementionned games, we’re going to gather all the details, pictures, GIFs, videos, etc. in a single post… yes, this one!

This post only contains the most recent details, pictures, etc., to avoid ending with too big a post. For previous periods, make sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post!

December 6th

Today, Monolith Soft. shared some details and screenshots for Blade Combos. You know you can launch one when you see the icons with Drivers’ faces in the center left and center right of the screen. Drivers automatically chose the element of the move to be used from the selection of Blades they have at their disposal, so that you can keep the combo going.

By the way, if you take a close look at the icons with the Drivers’ faces, you will notice some “orbs”: this indicates the level of the Special (from 1 to 3).

December 5th

Today, Monolith Soft. shared some details about an “advanced” technique called Cancelling. As the name implies, it allows you to “cancel” auto-attacks. The trick lies in using a Driver Art right when the auto-attack is landing. You will know you got it right when you hear a short sound effect, and see a circle appear briefly on the screen. When you cancel an auto-attack, your power increases, and the special gauge fills up more quickly.

But it’s not just auto-attacks you can cancel: it also works with Driver Arts, though you first need to learn the appropriate skill. And that’s not all: you can also combine Driver Art cancelling with switching Blades, allowing you to chain Blade Arts at a fast pace… a nice way to fill up that special gauge real fast!

November 30th

Today, Monolith Soft. introduced one last Rare Blade, and it’s a really special one… KOS-MOS Re:! Yes, it’s that very same KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series! It was designed by Kunihiko Tanaka, and Mariko Suzuki is still the one voicing her.

November 29th

Today, Monolith Soft. shared some details about the mysterious mecha spotted in the story trailer revealed on Monday. It turns out it was designed by I-IV, the very same person who designed Idaten (one of the Rare Blades)!

Also, we have the third preview of the Sound Selection CD, included in the Collector’s Edition of the game. It’s the theme for the Empire of Mor Ardain, called “Mor Ardain – Roaming the Wastes -“, and it was composed by Kenji Hiramatsu!

November 28th

Today, Monolith Soft. shared quite a lot of content, starting with two new characters from Torna:

  • Benkei (English name TBC, voiced by Yuri Noguchi): a petite yet beautiful woman.
  • Satahiko (English name TBC, voiced by Daisuke Namikawa). It looks like he’s pretty infatuated with Benkei, but is that feeling mutual?

We also have two new Rare Blades, designed by Risa Ebata from Satellite:

  • Tsuki (voiced by Naomi Shindo): she has the appearance of a mature woman, and her attribute is Ice;

  • Nanakoori (voiced by Rina Hidaka): a cute little girl with her polar bear, Kumari (teddy bears are so yesterday in Alrest!)

Finally, we have another preview from the Sound Selection CD: The Ancient Vessel (composed by Manami Kiyota)!

November 27th

Today, Monolith Soft. shared a first preview for the Sound Selection CD (included in the Collector’s Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 worldwide). The first track is called “Exploration”, but don’t be fooled by its title… it’s actually a battle theme track! It was composed by ACE (Kudo Tomori, CHiCO).

November 24th

Today, Monolith Soft. introduced another Rare Blade: Kasane. It’s described as a cute Blade, who uses a hammer in battle. She was designed by Shirabii, and Inori Minase is the one voicing her.

November 22nd

Today, Monolith Soft. shared some screenshots and details for Driver equipment:

  • accessories: you can equip those to upgrade the abilities of the Driver. One of them is the Nopon Mask;
  • pouch items: consumable items you put in a Driver’s pouch, allowing them to enjoy various effects for a limited time. Each character has their own preferences, and the more they like a given item, the more powerful its effects will be.

November 21st

Today, Monolith Soft. introduced not one, but two new Rare Blades. The first one is called Wadatsumi, and he protects his Driver using a shining sword. He was designed by Kozaki Yuusuke, and Shuuichi Ikeda is the one voicing him.

The second Rare Blade is called Menou, and she wields an axe made of crystal. Just like Wadatsumi, she was designed by Kozaki Yuusuke, and Atsumi Tanezaki is the one voicing her.

November 17th

Today, Monolith Soft. introduced another Rare Blade: Rinne (official English name or spelling TBC). She’s a pretty gorgeous Blade, who refers to herself as “Ojo-sama” (lit. Lady or Princess… though in that case, Princess might be more accurate as she is wearing a crown). She was designed by Parsley, and Ari Ozawa is the one voicing her.

Previous months

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) comes out on December 1st, worldwide.

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