Splatoon 2: 18 007 units for Splatune 2 during launch week

Last week, Nintendo released Splatune 2 (the soundtrack album for Splatoon 2) in Japan, on November 29th to be precise. And it’s off to a great start, though not nearly as good as the original Splatune. According to Oricon, Splatune 2 was the second best-selling album in Japan during its launch week, and sold 18 007 units.

Splatune 2 Sales W1

In comparison, Splatune was the second best-selling album during its launch week, back in 2015, with 43 000 units sold. It was also the second best-selling album on launch day, with 24 000 units sold. Splatune 2 did better than Splatoon LIVE in Makuhari: Squid Sisters Live album, which opened at rank #8 during its launch week, with 10 345 units sold.

While Splatune 2 opened lower than its predecessor, it still made it in the Top 5 of the best-selling albums in Japan, which is something video game soundtracks rarely manage to achieve. This just goes to show just how popular the Splatoon franchise as a whole is in Japan, especially now that it’s on a healthy platform.

The release of that album certainly makes us wonder whether Nintendo is once again going to have live performances, like they had for the Squid Sisters. So far, nothing has been announced, but it’s highly unlikely the company isn’t going to do anything, what with how popular those live performances were.

Source: Oricon



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