WarioWare Gold: details about the various game modes, mini games, amiibo

Today, Nintendo updated the official website for WarioWare Gold, sharing some details about the various game modes found in the game. But before that, we have some new videos!

First, here’s the usual overview trailer for the game:

And here’s some TV Commercials and a Web Commercial for the game:

WarioWare Gold offers several game modes, starting with Story Mode. In this one, you have to take part in a game contest held by the one and only Wario. There’s 3 Leagues for you to tackle (NB: Japanese names):

  • Picopico League (features micro games using button controls)
  • Guruguru League (features micro games using motion controls)
  • Touch League (features micro games using touch controls)

Each league is made of 5 stages, withs tons of micro games to tackle. If you keep clearing them, you will eventually end up faced with a Boss Game!

But the thing is… there’s actually a 4th, hidden League: the Ultra League. In this one, you will be faced with micro games using all control schemes (basically, it’s all 3 base Leagues combined in one).

The second mode is unlocked upon clearing Story Mode, and it’s called Challenge Mode. It offers 9 different sub-modes:

  • Wariochi: you have to clear as many micro games as possible within the time limit. Every time you clear one, you get some additional time;
  • Non-Stop: as soon as you’ve cleared a micro game, the next one starts immediately without any sort of transition;
  • Picopico Race: you have to control the speed of your taxi by moving the console up and down… all while clearing micro games!
  • Gamer: the very same mode as the one found in Game & Wario on Wii U. You have to keep playing micro games without being spotted by your mother;
  • VS: you can play with a friend. You both play the micro games at the same time;
  • Gochamaze (Scramble): micro games from various genres;
  • Thrilling: if you fail a micro game even once, it’s game over!
  • Gekimuzu (Expert): intense speed right from the beginning;
  • ??? (to be revealed later?)

There are also other game modes to be found in WarioWare Gold:

  • Zukan (Encyclopedia): allows you to play any micro game from the other modes whenever you want;
  • Mission: missions for you to clear. Doing so allows you to earn coins, that you can use with the Capsule Toy Machine.
  • Capsule Toy Machine: use coins to get various rewards. You don’t know what you will get until you’ve spent your coins… like with a regular Capsule Toy Machine!

Finally, the website showcases a few mini games:

  • Pyoro: use your tongue to eat vegetables;
  • Ashley’s Pumpkin Panic: you have to protect a field of pumpkins from enemies. Make sure not to anger Ashley!
  • Nekoroid: you control a cat who has to shoot down incoming enemies with a laser;
  • Dubbing: you can dub the various scenes from Story Mode;
  • NintendoColle (Nintendo Collection?): a mini-game featuring old Nintendo toys;
  • Record: allows you to listen to various music tracks from the WarioWare series.

But that’s not all. Wondering what the amiibo do in this game? If you tap one, Wario goes and makes a painting based on the amiibo tapped. You can then sell the “works of art” for some coins to use with the Capsule Toy Machine!

In Japan, the game is available for pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop, which allows us to find out its file size: 9 831 blocks / 1 228MB! You can have up to 3 save data slots, with a save data file taking 128KB. Finally, bad news for fans of stereoscopic 3D: it’s not supported in this game…

Here’s some more screeshots for the game:

Finally, here’s various pictures from the official website:

WarioWare Gold (3DS) comes out on July 27th in Europe, August 2nd in Japan, and August 3rd in North America.

Source: Nintendo / Famitsu



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