Taiko Drum Master: Studio Ghibli short for the 15th anniversary, special bundle, amiibo support

Earlier this afternoon, Bandai-Namco announced that the Wii U would get a third Taiko Drum Master game this year. It’s called Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen!, and will be available on November 26th in Japan. Following this announcement, Famitsu published an article with some additional details.

Taiko Drum Master Wii U 3First, we learn that to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Taiko Drum Master series, Studio Ghibli is going to make a special short. But that’s not all: Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen will also get a special bundle at launch (replacing the regular game + controller bundle for the first print).

It will include:

  • the game itself
  • the usual drum and sticks controller
  • a can with Don-chan’s face (the series’ mascot)
  • a calendar
  • a set of five magnets
  • rubber straps
  • a seal
  • a seal mount

The game will have two editions:

  • regular (just the game): 5 300 Yen (retail and digital at the same price)
  • bundle (game + controller): 8 200 Yen (at launch, this edition will include all the goodies mentioned above)

Here’s the packaging for the bundle, but also an artwork for the game itself and the short:

On the box, there’s some small details, such as a (blurred) list of tracks (with anime and J-pop songs), but also a visual of the contents of the special bundle. But the most important element on the box is the amiibo logo, which confirms that Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen! will be compatible with Nintendo’s NFC figures (not surprising for Bandai-Namco).

Of course, we do not have any more info on the amiibo functionality, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that only a small selection of figure will effectively be compatible. They will most likely unlock a special costume for Don-chan and song(s) from their respective game. With the Super Mario Bros. series celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary this year, a big Mario medly would be more than appropriate!

Taiko Drum Master: Atsumete ☆ Tomodachi Dai Sakusen! (Wii U) comes out on November 26th in Japan.

Source: Famitsu



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