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Super Squidlit (Switch): Software updates (latest: Ver. 1.0.2)

On this page, you will find all there is to know about the various Software updates for Super Squidlit on Nintendo Switch (originally released on July 30th 2021 in Europe and North America)!

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Super Squidlit – Ver. 1.0.2

  • Release date: August 24th 2021 (North America, Europe)
  • Patch notes:
  • The boss of the Ocean “Island” would miss with his shockwave if you were on the ground. He has been given lessons on aiming.
  • Snowballs in the FPS section were dividing by 0. They have been told this is rude, and will no longer do it.
  • Mashing A and B during the roll tutorial would crash the game. Squidlits are now more mash-able than before.
  • Sometimes Skwit Skwot would be so excited during the tutorial that she would skip some dialogue, trying to learn more. She’s has now chilled out a bit.
  • There is now a button counter on the pause screen! You no longer need pen and paper to count buttons.
  • The second auto-scrolling level in the FPS section of the final island would switch to Joystick movement only. Skwit Skwot has fixed this for you.
  • Replaying Blipston then returning to the ship would cause everyone on the ship to forget their lines. They have been given copies of the script to reference. Players whose save file is stuck by this issue should be freed up.
  • On the Carbonifera Island, if Skwit Skwot had no mana she would be stuck trying to burn down the stalk. She’s been given a mana potion for such situations.
  • Cal would try to move you left at the Gazebo after the Volcano levels. She now knows there’s no left.
  • While standing in her personal space, the final boss of the Volcano wouldn’t attack Skwit Skwot. She has been taught karate.
  • Spamming A and B on the FPS level-up tutorial would trip up Skwit Skwot, making things get stuck. She can now speed-read.
  • Calypso would get confused if replaying the Blipston levels. She’s been reminded her lines.
  • Restarting the Gazebo on the Volcano after completing the island would force you to play the whole island again. The space-time continuum has been patched with tape.
  • Enemies in the FPS sections were not solid, causing Skwit Skwot to spin too fast. They have been told this is mean, and will no longer do it.
  • Fweehoo, the Shade that has a pit, no longer has a chance to be confused if Plip has no muffins.
  • The record players in side rooms weren’t turned on. Moozak, the music squidlit, has turned them all back on.
  • Two side rooms couldn’t be accessed. The paths to them have been re-dug.
  • The Carbonifera boss’s music would stop when you paused during the fight. Their record-player has been upgraded to continue when time resumes.
  • A removed save point in the gazebo of the Volcano has been properly paved over.
  • Plip has been told that she cannot phase through roofs in the Ocean levels when exiting the water.
  • A wall was incorrectly a ghost in the Isle de Spoop’s sewers. It has been brought back to life.
  • Multiple typos have been fixed.
  • Skwit Skwot’s initial oomph and toughness have both been buffed by one point (about 30%), hopefully making the FPS section friendlier to newer players.

How to download updates for Super Squidlit for the Nintendo Switch?

To download the updates for Super Squidlit, you have three options:

  • let the console do its thing if you have automatic downloads activated, and didn’t completely turn it off

If not…

  • try to launch the game from the Home Menu while being connected to the internet. You should get a prompt when doing so: simply follow the instructions on screen;


  • select the game > press either + or – to go to the Options page > select Software update > select Via the Internet.

To check that you have the latest version installed, simply select the game on the Home Menu, and press – or + to go to the Options: the version number is displayed just below the game title.


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