Story of Seasons: NA official website, lots of pics and tutorial video #3

Yesterday evening, XSEED launched the North American website for Story of Seasons: you can find it there. There’s actually quite a lot of info on that website, starting with list of characters and all the bachelors / bachelorettes:

– Lilie
– Angela
– Iris
– Agate
– Elise
– Licorice

– Fritz
– Klaus
– Raeger
– Mistel
– Nadi
– Kamil

There’s also a section explaining in great details the Life on the Farm, but also the Multiplayer (playable locally and online):

– Farm Tours: you can invite friends to your farm (or you can go visit them yourself), so they can lend you a hand. However, you need to prepare a souvenir for each of your guests when you’re inviting, and one for your host if you’re invited). When playing in multiplayer, time stops, it’s always sunny, and you never lose health or stamina. Also, you can’t leave the farm without quitting multiplayer.
– StreetPass: when you meet other players via StreetPass, you can automatically exchange profiles. That way, they will appear in your town or Trade Depot as NPC!

And now, here comes the third tutorial video for Story of Seasons, which is about the finer points of building and placing furniture, trading with other countries, and multiplayer:

And finally, lots of artworks and screenshots from the official website:

Story of Seasons (3DS) comes out on March 31st in North America!

Source: XSEED



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