Splatoon – Pics of the Day (Feb. 25) [now with translations]

The official Twitter account for Splatoon has just posted two new pics for Splatoon, which happen to be from the Hero Mode.

1) This is ‘Octo Valley’ – the starting point for Hero Mode.
Cap’n Cuttlefish lives here watching over the Octarians.
He’s not lonely, though. Heroes are destined to live a life of solitude.
He tells you that he hasn’t seen his grandchild recently…without you even needing to ask.

2) The Octarians live under the ground in Octo Valley.
Connecting their headquarters to the surface is this kettle-shaped transportation device.
Undoubtedly, the Octarians have set a trap and now lay in wait.
No time for carelessness! Ah, if only I was a little bit younger!

Source: Twitter
Translations: StreetsAhead




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