Sky Ride (flying bike action game) headed to the Nintendo Switch later this month

Thanks to a listing on the European Nintendo eShop, a new indie game for the Nintendo Switch has been unveiled: Sky Ride. Developed by Mutan (a Japanese studio), it was originally released on PlayStation 4, but it’s now coming to Nintendo’s new console.

Here’s what the story is all about (apologies for the awkward English, but this is the official synopsis!):

The world was led back to primal level by a great war, which is now called “The major collapse”. Ever since, the world has been under depredation. After 30 years, humanity has agreed upon the peaceful use of “Half active Tryda” and finally seemed like they were able to live under stable condition but…


A young girl named “Alenka Lucca” has a part time job to work her way through school. She exterminates mining drones that went out of control, aka “sweeper” at the enery mining facility “Oasis”.


“Hopefully I’ll be able to start working on my homework if I get back by tomorrow night.”


She worried about her homework as she fired up her cherished compact antigravity glider “Air Lob” as usual, wore an extra jacket over her hoodie, and took off to the uninhabited “Oasis”!

Sky Ride is described as 3D action game, where you get to drive the Air Lob, a flying bike, flying at high speed and shooting enemies. The bike can be equipped with 5 different types of weapons to defeat them:

  • Machine gun (infinite ammo)
  • Grenade (wide range)
  • Missile (always hit their target)
  • Laser (penetrate enemies’ defenses)
  • Beam

Your goal? Shoot down as many weapons as possible, by surviving until the bitter end (when your HP reaches 0). You can even compete with your friends thanks to online leaderboards.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots (not from the Nintendo Switch version, unfortunately):

Sky Ride (Switch – eShop) comes out on August 28th in Europe, and will cost 6.99€. The Upcoming Games page has been updated!

Source: Nintendo eShop
Game details and screenshots: PlayStation


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