retro freak: some new features revealed for Cybergadget’s 11-in-1 retro console

Back in March, Cybergadget announced the retro freak: a 11-in-1 retro console, compatible with the cartridges of 11 different consoles (including the regional variants). Since then, the company has been revealing various features over on the official website, on a regular basis.

Here’s a list:

– Code Freak: a feature allowing you to use various cheat codes (requires a PC and a microSD Card, along with an internet conenction);
– Video/Audio settings: various settings such as upscaling, aspect ratio, filters, etc. (video), but also stereo, bass, etc. (sound);
– Compatible with original controllers (exclusing some peripherals): NES, SNES, PC Engine, and more;
– Comes with a wired controller (see picture below);
– Compatible with any USB controller (including DS3 and DS4);
– Installs: you can install your games on the retro freak, thanks to the original cartridges (you need a microSD Card to do so). That way, you can play games without using the cartridges, which is great for collectors who want to keep their games in good condition without dirtying/damaging the cartridges. Obviously, there’s a catch: you can only use games installed on your own retro freak (with your own cartridges), and you can’t share the installed games;

Here’s a picture showing the actual console, which is quite small (Cybergadget claims it’s the world smallest retro console). To be able to use the 11 types of compatible cartrdiges, you need to connect the adapter, as show in the pic below:

The retro freak will be released this year in Japan.

Source: Cybergadget



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