Puyo Puyo Chronicle: more details (story, characters), screens

Unlike most other Puyo Puyo games, Puyo Puyo Chronicle is a full-fledge RPG, with an overworld and characters to meet. Of course, there’s also a story, and that’s precisely what SEGA chose to detail today.

It all starts with Arle and Carbuncle living peacefully in Primp Town. One day, a mysterious book falls from the sky, and the pair is spirited away to another world. For some reason, the inhabitants of that world call Arle a hero. At first, they think the whole thing is another one of Satan’s pranks, but it turns out they were wrong.

After that, the pair meet a mysterious girl called Allie, and together, they go on a journey. Will Arle and Carbuncle manage to go back to their own world? You will have to play the game to find out by yourself!

Aliie is in fact the very first new character Arle meet in this mysterious new world. Their first conversation goes like this:

  • Allie: “Now, Hero! Let’s get intimate!”
  • Arle: “You’re definitely not a normal person!”

The reason Allie calls Arle “Hero” is apparently because of a prophecy, that talks about a girl with a ponytail, wearing white and blue clothes. That girl is accompanied by a cute yellow creature (Carbuncle), and one day, she appears from another world in order to save the one the games takes place in.

Arle quickly understands that wherever she is definitely isn’t Primp Town. Allie then proposes they go to the nearby town, called Grimp Town, which is said to be pretty peaceful. There, they meet the village chief, who tells them about a mysterious girl spotted at the Grimp Forest. For some reason, that girl wears a Puyo on her head. Arle, Carbuncle, and Allie then go into the forest in order to find out more about her.

In the forest, they end up finding the mysterious girl, who is none other than… Amitie! But something is definitely odd, because she’s not supposed to be in this world (she also is from Primp Town, like Arle). They also end up meeting Draco-Centaur, and after Arle defeats her in battle, she joins her party.

Here’s some of the characters you will meet in the game:

  • Arle (voiced by Mie Sonozaki): a very energetic young girl, who happens to possess some magical powers. In the game, she’s trying to go back to her original world;
  • Allie (voiced by Honoka Inoue): she goes on an adventure in order to find a Hero;
  • Amity (voiced by Shihi Kikuchi): a cheerful young girl, who dreams of becoming a magic user;
  • Draco-Centaur (voiced by Kaozi Nazuka): a cheerful young girl, sporting some horns and wings. Her dream is to win a beauty contest.

Here’s the latest batch of screenshots and artworks for Puyo Puyo Chronicle:

Puyo Puyo Chronicle (3DS) comes out on December 8th in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer.net



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