Paper Mario: Color Splash – Latest trailer, colouring pages

With less than a month left until release (less than three weeks in Europe and North America, actually!), Nintendo has been sharing more and more videos/trailers for Paper Mario: Color Splash. And today, Nintendo of America uploaded a new one, called “A Splash of Mystery”.

This new trailer doesn’t show anything really new, but showcases many elements and areas from the game. We can see Mario interacting with the environment (by painting colorless spots), battling some enemies, and more.

Here’s the “A Splash of Mystery” trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash:

But that’s not all! If you’re looking for something fun for your kid(s), Nintendo has shared some more colouring pages via its Nintendo Kids Space website in Japan. Naturally, those new colouring pages are based on official artworks from Paper Mario: Color Splash! The best thing: it’s just colouring pages, so you don’t need to understand a word of Japanese.

This time around, we have the following colouring pages:

(Right click > Save as on the link above to download a pdf with the colouring pages!).

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) comes out on October 7th in Europe and North America, and on October 13th in Japan.



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