Nintendo Switch Online: smartphone app to be called Nintendo Switch Online Lounge

A few days ago, Nintendo shared a few details about its Nintendo Switch Online service. Unfortunately, the company didn’t say anything about the mysterious smartphone app that players will have to use to chat with friends, invite them in lobbies, and more.

The full launch of the service has been delayed to 2018, but it’s not the case of the free smartphone app, which is still slated for a Summer release. It’s quite likely it will launch alongside Splatoon 2, the first game with voice chat confirmed from Nintendo.

And thanks to some people who went snooping, we now know that the app should be called the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge. According to their findings, the whole thing works via a web appel, with requests sent to this page:

Here’s various other elements found on the web page:

Your room has been created.

You can invite friends to the room via
the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

Code for friends to join the room without an invitation

Allow Nintendo Switch friends to join the room using a code

You can use the pre-release version of the service for free

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge

Invite friends and enjoy voice chat while gaming, all via your smart device!

The Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app is required to use this feature

Send Notification to My Smart Device

You can use voice chat from the Nintendo Switch Online Lounge app.

Your room has been created.

We also have a logo (with a typo!), and an URL, which isn’t live yet: “”.

Nintendo Switch Online Lounge

Naturally, Nintendo has already pulled off everything, as it clearly wasn’t meant to be found. In any case, it looks like it’s only a matter of days until the app is properly revealed!

Thanks Atheerios for the finds!



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