Nintendo Switch news (Jan. 12) – Pre-orders at Nintendo NY Store / Presentation on Twitch

Today’s Nintendo Switch news: pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch at the Nintendo NY Store, but also…

  • Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017
  • Zeboyd Games

Nintendo NY Store

Officially, the Nintendo Switch is not available for pre-order anywhere, though some retailers have already started taking some. It’s widely expected that those will be officially launched tomorrow, after the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017.

At the Nintendo NY Store, there will be a “limited quantity of pre-orders” available from January 13th, at 9AM. Unfortunately, we don’t know how many units will be available, but there’s no doubt there will be other opportunities to pre-order the console at the Nintendo NY Store in the following weeks.

Source: Nintendo NY

Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

In a few hours, the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 will be streamed live on YouTube, Twitch, NicoNico (Japan), and even LINE Live (Japan). If you’re planning to “co-stream” the presentation on your own channel, you will be glad to learn that Nintendo of America actually gave the OK to Twitch broadcasters to do so.

In other words, you will be able to restream the presentation on your own channel without risking having the stream taken down by Nintendo. It’s pretty clear Nintendo wants as many people as possible to watch the presentation, and it looks like the company doesn’t really care where or how!

Source: Ben Goldhaber (Twitter)

Zeboyd Games

Zeboyd Games is the studio behind games such as Cthulu Saves The World, Breath of Death VII, or Cosmic Star Heroine. They haven’t released anything on Nintendo platforms, but it looks like this may change in the (more or less) near future.

As you can see with the tweet below, it looks like Robert Boyd from Zeboyd Games is interested in porting Cosmic Star Heroine to the Switch. The problem is that “regular” indies still don’t have acces to devkits.

The Nintendo Switch will be released in March worldwide.


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