Nights of Azure 2: latest batch of details, videos, screenshots

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Latest details

Last month, Koei-Tecmo and Gust introduced a new character found in Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon:

  • Malvasia, 2nd Form (voiced by Yui Shimamura). The ring on her head is definitely reminiscent on angel’s halo, though her pure white wings are more reminiscent of one. In battle, she uses four weapons to attack, with said weapon being held by floating arms.

Next, we have details about the various battle styles. Depending on the Lilies, Servans, equippable items, and Aluche’s own method of fighting, you end up with a wide variety of battle styles. Of course, it’s entirely up to you to find the right one for you… and the situation!

Here’s a few examples:

  • Assault Style: Aluche fights aggressively using Striker weapons. Weapons such as great swords, lances, or pile bunkers have a longer range and deal more damage than her blood sword. If you equip the right skills and items, your attack power may increase even further (especially with a transformed Striker). If you go with that style, it’s a good idea to  go with a Lily that provides rear support, such as Camilla (who can heal Aluche when she’s stunned) or Liliana (who can revive her, though only once).
  • Cooperation Style: with this style, the focus is in co-operative Lily skills, Double Chases, and Lily Bursts. One thing to keep in mind is that the Lily can level up, and their equippable items and abilities also increase. We’re given a couple of examples, with Ruenheid who can deal damage to several enemies at once with wide-range attacks, or Veruschka who can use close-range attacks to deal damage to enemies continuously. Arnice is also a good choice, what with her Double Chases and Lily Bursts What’s more, she can handle (almost) everything on her own: attacks, enemy obstructions, and even recovery.
  • Disadvantage Style: Alushe only uses her blood sword. When your HP is low, you get an attack power boost and you can use abilities and items with special effects, which tremendously increases your attack power. Naturally, you need to learn to dodge and guard against enemy attacks, since that style has you stay with low HP most of the time. If you go with that style, you can have Eleanor make chocolate to restore your physical strength, and slow down enemies. You can also use Muveil’s skills to stop enemies in their tracks, or to attack them (allowing you to divide all enemies between your two).

Next, we have details about some of the locations found in the game:

  • Yuralm, the Abolished Capital, and Aluche, Liliana, and Ruenheid’s howtown. Four years before the event of the game, people moved to a new capital, and at at the same time, lots of fiends started appearing near the city.
  • Holy Forest: a rather gloomy forest, where fireflies can be found, along with some flower beds and even a river. There’s a few buildings in there, seemingly from a small town, but there’s nobody to be found in this forest… no wonder, given the high number of fiends (such as bees and wolves) that call it home.
  • Hidden Mine: located in the mountains, near Yuralm. It’s been abandoned, and the equipment there hasn’t been used in ages. The deeper inside you go, the more fiends you encounter.
  • Espheria Royal Academy: Aluche, Liliana, and Ruenheid once attended this academy. However, after the capital was moved to another city, it was closed due to a lack of new students. There’s west and east buildings, a large library, and even a chaper. Starfall Hill can be found nearby.
  • Forzen Moon Palace: dark purple clouds loom in the sky above this palace, and a rotting ship can be found docked nearby. It has a rather otherwordly atmosphere.
  • Hotel Eterna: a hotel found in Yuralm. The manager is called Camilla, and she’s assisted by Kaede (a Servan). This hotel has a pool and a church, and feels pretty high-class. In the lobby, you can find a chocolatier, who can sell you some chocolate drinks.

Just above, we mentioned Striker Weapons: those are special weapons you get when Striker-type Servans transform. Here’s a few examples:

  • Eir, the Phoenix Servan (Great Sword). It attacks from the sky, but when transforms, it offers a much great attack power, and even the fire attribute.
  • Pitz, the Bee Servan (Partisan). When transformed, it has a wide range, which is perfect for evasive and long-distance attacks. You can count on it to beat up enemies with speed.
  • Grantz, the Crystal Golem Servan (Crystal Sword). Not the most speedy of Servans, but a pretty powerful one who can freeze enemies.
  • Alice, the Doll Servan (Mirror Shield). She can transform into a shield, that deflect enemies attacks. You can fire a beam, by charing the shield.
  • Dump, the Machine Golem Servan (Pile Bunker). Slowest Striker weapon, but the lowest attack… but the highest firepower, the ability to inflict Paralysis, and an incredibly strong armour that makes it all but impossibly for enemies to push you back.
  • Duul, the Lizardman Servan (Lance). As heavyweight lance, it’s the one Striker weapon that deals the most damage per second.

Finally, we have a few new Servans:

  • Vor (Tricker-type). Its body is half-fossilized. It supports Aluche with speed and high attack power. It’s worried about the generation gap with the other Servans;
  • Grant (Striker-type): its body is made of crystal. It’s quite confident in its beauty, and is scared about scarring its body. It can transform into the Crystal Sword.

Translation by: Gematsu

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Latest videos

Here’s the latest videos for the game, starting with a trailer specifically about the Nintendo Switch version:

Here’s one for the swimsuits:

Want another trailer? Here you go!

Next, here’s a trailer for the characters:

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Latest screenshots and artworks

Here’s the latest batch of screenshots and artworks for the game:

Source: Gamer

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Limited Edition

Here’s some pictures of the Limited Edition for Europe and North America, that includes the following:

  • the game
  • 3 cloth posters
  • Official soundtrack
  • Official Hardcover artbook
  • Limited Edition box

You can get the Limited Edition from the offiicial NIS America and NISA Europe online stores!

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon – Press releases

Here’s a couple of press releases from Koei-Tecmo, unedited. They do not provide any real new details, but if you missed previous posts about the game, reading them is certainly a good idea!

In Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, players will encounter a number of unique and dastardly fiends and will have to rely on their close bonds with their companions to emerge victorious.  The battle party will always be comprised of Aluche, the player’s character, an NPC of her choice, and up to two Servans. Each team member will bring a unique selection of skills to the equation, ranging from different fighting styles and weapons to the beautiful Lily Burst, a power-up that combines the extraordinary abilities of Aluche and her humanoid companion into one devastating blow.

Aluche’s Servan allies are also useful assets to the team, with their incredible Servan Actions, which can help turn the tide of battle in her favor! The invaluable Tricker types are able to gain an advantage by unleashing their elemental abilities, dealing critical status effects to their foes. One such Tricker is the mighty canine companion, Scharf, who sends electrified spheres onto the battlefield to paralyze and inflict lasting damage on enemies! Trickers can change form as they evolve, and can grow more powerful through Reincarnation, which drastically increases their stats, allowing them to access new types of attacks and unlock incredible abilities.

As for the player-controlled Aluche, she soon discovers that the blood of slain fiends can be used to heighten her body’s strength, and players are able to choose new abilities fitting their preferred play-style from a wide selection of varied combat styles!

When the evil Moon Queen threatens humanity, the young priestess Liliana is chosen to become the Bride of Time – a sacrifice to save the world. This causes a disagreement between her two best friends, and during their altercation Aluche, the protagonist, is killed by a mysterious demon. Aluche is resurrected some time later as a half-demon hybrid and, still struggling to come to terms with her new abilities, sets off to the ruined city of Eurulm, the girls’ hometown, to discover Ruenheid battling a swarm of fiends. Reunited, the pair decides to put aside their differences and fight for a joint cause: to save Liliana and defeat the Moon Queen.

On their perilous quest Aluche and Ruenheid are assisted by a unique bouquet of allies, including the mysterious New Curian doctor Camilla Alucard, Aluche’s role model and ex-Curian Knight Muveil Folin Lou, a half-demon assassin named Veruschka, and the powerful Nightlord, Arnice. Fighting alongside these “Lilies” sows the seeds of unlikely friendships that blossom into unbreakable bonds and awaken impressive latent abilities for all characters.

Human companions are not the only ones to help in the war against the Moon Queen, as Aluche is also able to forge contracts with reliable fiends known as Servans. These include her long-time friend Nero, the electrifying mutt Scharf, the fairy-like companion Feuille, the Shikigami-wielding Kaede, the beautiful butterfly Farfalla, the shadowy fiend Hexer, and the dolphin-shaped Perle. These Servans are classed into two categories: Strikers, who are used specifically for their strong attacks and ability to transform into weapons, and Trickers, who can use their powers in the overworld to remove blockades and open up new paths.

Source: Koei-Tecmo PR

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (Switch) comes out on August 31st in Japan, October 25th in North America, and October 27th in Europe.



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