Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Zelda DLC out on March 6th

During the latest episode of IGN’s NVC podcast, it was revealed that the Zelda DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (which allows you to get Zelda-related equipment for your hunter) would come out on March 6th in both Europe and North America, and will be completely free.

In order to dress up as Link and use his weapons, you’ll have to complete a special quest that comes with that DLC, and things might be a bit more tough than you’d expect… still, totally worth it if you’re a huge fan of the Zelda series!

It was also revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate would get a new, free DLC pack on the first Friday of every month: no word on what is coming for now, but no doubt the other collaborations (Mega Man, Devil May Cry) will be released then.

Here’s the latest episode of IGN’s NVC podcase (the part about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate starts at 54:25):

The Zelda DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate comes out this Friday in Europe and North America!


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