Miitomo: new update available on Android (Ver. 1.3.1)

Last week, Nintendo released the third major update for Miitomo (Ver. 1.3.0). It brought quite a lot of changes/additions, complete with performance improvements. What’s more, the UI also received a major upgrade, allowing users to preview questions before tapping a Mii, comment without switching to the comments page of a post, and more.

And today, Nintendo released another update for Miitomo, but only for Android this time around. It brings the app to Ver. 1.3.1, but doesn’t come with any new features or improvements (which would have been surprising less than a week after Ver. 1.3.0). In fact, we don’t even have patch notes for this new update, so we can assume it only brings (minor) bug fixes.

This update requires 10.24MB of free space on your device. To download it, simply tap on the notification that should appear in the notification bar, or go directly to the Play Store. Once downloaded, you can check out that you have the latest version of Miitomo by launching it: you should see Ver. 1.3.1 at the bottom right corner of the splash screen at launch.

If you’re using a rooted device (or if Nintendo detects it as such), you’ll be pleased to learn that this new version is compatible with the latest version of Security Bypasser (Ver 1.1.0), just like Ver. 1.3.0.

Source: Miitomo
Thanks Yuri Litvinenko for the heads up.



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