Mega Man news (Jan. 23): sneak peek at the animated series, Mega Man X novel

Today’ Mega Man news: sneak peek at the animated series, but also…

  • Rockman X

Later this year, an animated series based on the long-running Mega Man franchise will debut in North America, on Disney XD. There’s still a lot we don’t know about it (aka: pretty much everything), and all we have is some art of the blue bomber and vague plot details:

Dentsu Entertainment and DHX Media’s upcoming Mega Man animated series will focus on Aki Light — a regular, everyday kid who also happens to be schoolboy robot.

Besides living his “normal, upbeat” life, Aki has the ability to transform into Mega Man’s iconic armor, complete with the Mega Buster arm cannon and helmet. Familiar characters — like Mega Man’s adorable robotic dog, Rush — will be a part of the series, and new characters, like Mega Mini, will make their debut.

And yesterday, the good folks at Rockman Corner found what seems to be the first ever footage of the elusive animated series. It’s part of a promotional reel from Film Roman:

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this animated series will debut, other than it will be before the end of the year (barring any delays, obviously).

Source: Rockman Corner

Rockman X

Today, Capcom announced that a novel adaptation of Rockman X (Mega Man X) would be released on January 26th in Japan… that’s right, it’s this week! It’s by Yoshihiro Iwamoto (Story collaboration, Art) and Todoroki Tsubasa (author), and it’s actually based on the manga adaptation of the game… so an adaptation of an adaptation. The full title is ROCKMAN X THE NOVEL IRREGULARS REPORT.

Here’s what the cover looks like:

Source: Capcom


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