Mega Man 11: Game Informer features [Features #6 to 13]

This month, Mega Man 11 is on the cover of Game Informer, which means it’s getting the usual month-long coverage treatment, with various features revealed throughout the month: interviews, additional details about the game, videos, etc…

On this page, we’re going to list all the various features from Game Informer… though if you prefer, you can simply bookmark this page!

Here’s the trailer for the special coverage:

Feature #1: Eleven Things We Learned While Playing Mega Man 11

Game Informer traveled all the way to Japan, where they had the opportunity to try out the game. In this article, there’s listing 11 things they learned:

  1. Same Mega, new look
  2. Pick eight
  3. Classic Mega Man action
  4. Music to match
  5. A worthy challenge
  6. A challenge for everyone
  7. A room with a new view
  8. Dressed to kill
  9. Slip and slide
  10. Weapon wheel
  11. Game-changing mechanic

Click here to check out this first feature!

Feature #2: Exclusive Interview With Mega Man 11’s Creators

The second feature happens to be a video interview with Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (Producer) and Koji Oda (Director).

We spent two days at Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka, playing the game and speaking with the game’s new development team. The two lead developers on the new game are producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and game director Koji Oda. We sat down with Tsuchiya and Oda to figure out what Mega Man 11 means for Capcom and the team’s approach to sustaining versus reinventing the series’ classic gameplay.

Feature #3 – GI Show – Mega Man 11

The 3rd feature is actually a segment from the latest GI Show!

Feature #4 – Exclusive Mega Man 11 Concept Art Gallery

The 4th feature is none other than an exclusive concept-art gallery, showcasing Mega Man, Roll, enemies, an environment, and more. You can find more details about each piece of artwork on this page!

Feature #5 – Designing Mega Man 11’s New Look

The 5th feature is an interview with Yuji Ishihara, the Art Director! You can check out the video on the Game Informer website, though a YouTube embed will be provided at a later date!

Feature #6 – All We Know About Mega Man 11’s Robot Masters

The 6th feature is a compilation of all the details currently known about the Robot Masters. Click here to read it!

Feature #7 – Answering Five Big Questions About The Future Of Mega Man

The 7th feature has Capcom answer 5 important questions about the Mega Man series:

  • Why Was There Such A Long Break After Mega Man 10?
  • Does Mega Man Still Matter to Capcom?
  • Would Capcom Consider Making another 3D Mega Man?
  • Can We Expect A Mega Man 12?
  • What about The Mega Man X And Legends Series?

Click here to check out the answer to those questions!

Feature #8 – Behind The Scenes With Mega Man 11’s Shockingly Analog Sound Design

The 8th feature is all about sound design, with various videos illustrating it. Click here to check it out!

Feature #9 – Capcom Helps Us Design Mega Man’s Worst Robot Master

The 9th feature has Capcom help Game Informer create the worst Robot Master ever. This one is a video!

Feature #10 – From Resident Evil To Strider: Koji Oda’s 25 Year Journey To Directing Mega Man

The 10th feature is all about Koji Oda’s career in the video game industry, and more precisely at Capcom. Click here to check it out!

Feature #11 – Mega Man 11 Lead Developers Pick Their Favorite Mega Men

The 11th feature has Koji Oda (Director), Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (Producer), Yuji Ishihara (Art Director), Ryo Yoshii (Sound Director) pick up their favourite Mega Man games. Click here to check it out!

Feature #12 – Celebrating Mega Man’s 30th Anniversary By Examining His Origins

The 12th feature is all about the origins of the Mega Man series. Click here to check it out!

Feature #13 – Exclusive Mega Man 7 Developer Commentary

The 13th and final feature is an exclusive developer commentary for Mega Man 7… another video!

Mega Man 11 (Switch) comes out in late 2018.



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