Loop8: Summer of Gods – Locales Trailer and official interview

Marvelous has shared a brand new trailer for Loop8: Summer of Gods. For this one, the focus is on the beautiful locales you will be able to explore in the game in a little over a month! It features Love’s Sweet Sorrow, a music track composed by Noriyuki Iwadare.

Here’s the trailer:

In an alternate reality of 1980s Japan, Nini’s adventures in Loop8: Summer of Gods take place in the beautiful coastal village of Ashihara. Relax at some of the beautiful vistas in our “Locales Trailer”, set to “Love’s Sweet Sorrow” a track from the game’s soundtrack by composer, Noriyuki Iwadare.

Alongside that new trailer, Marvelous also shared an interview with Yuri Shibamura (Game Designer and Scenario Writer). Click here to check it out!

Here’s an excerpt:

Did the team consult any cultural institutions or famous locations (countryside shrines, etc.) while researching Ashihara?

Yes, I did – Japanese people have historically ‘outsourced’ their beliefs, and so even when you ask the locals who the deity a shrine is dedicated to is, they often don’t know the answer. They may hold festivals and worship without knowing the name of the deity. Because of that, I had to do proper research into the kinds of deities that would historically have been enshrined in these kinds of places.

For example, even when a deity’s name has been changed or forgotten over the years, it’s still possible to trace the original deity once you start digging, by following the lineage through things such as the way the shimenawa sacred rope is tied. Even when the original deity has been completely forgotten in the local area, the written records of the Edo-era shrine commissioners may still hold the answer.

Loop8: Summer of Gods (Switch) comes out on June 1st in Japan, and June 6th in Europe and North America.


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