Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch now available in Japan

Announced during the Japanese edition of the latest global Nintendo Direct presentation, back in September, Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch is now available for download from the Nintendo eShop, in Japan. It’s a free download, but just like on Wii U, you need to purchase tickets in order to use the service.

First, here’s a trailer for Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch:

At launch, the service offers no less than 140 000 songs, with new ones added every week. 4 types of tickets are available for purchase:

  • 3 hours = 300 Yen + taxes
  • 24 hours = 500 Yen + taxes
  • 30 days = 1 400 Yen + taxes
  • 90 days = 2 800 Yen + taxes

Nintendo specifies that you do need to purchase tickets even if you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Also tickets purchases in Karaoke Joysound for Wii U cannot be used in Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch (and vice-versa).

In order to use Karaoke Joysound for Nintendo Switch, you need a mic. If you have the official Wii U mic, then you’re all good: it’s compatible (just like all other USB mics)! As for controls, you can use either a single Joy-Con, or the official Karaoke Joysound app on smart devices.

By the way, this version of the service has a pretty neat feature: it allows you to have footage from various Nintendo Switch games as backgrounds (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS, etc.).

Here’s some pictures for the app:

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Nintendo is planning to release the app outside Japan or not.

Source: Nintendo



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