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Indie news (Jan. 10) – The Next Penelope: Wii U version cancelled, more

Today’s Indie news: Wii U version of The Next Penelope cancelled, but also…

  • Ratalaika Games
  • Jools Watsham

The Next Penelope

It’s been a while since we last heard about the Wii U version of The Next Penelope, and unfortunately, the latest bit of news for it was also the last… Yesterday, Aurélien Regard confirmed what many were expecting (if they had not forgotten everything about it in the first place): the Wii U version of The Next Penelope has been cancelled.

The problem comes from the fact that it was made using HTML5, and porting it to console was nearly impossible without recreating the game from scratch. It was so hard that three companies tried, but they all threw in the towel in the end.

Aurélien Regard, the creator, tried everything to find a solution, but it simply didn’t work. The fact that the Wii U is well on its way out really didn’t help either. In the end, he had to admit that The Next Penelope on Wii U was never going to happen, despite Nintendo of Europe’s support.

What’s next for Aurélien Regard? Well, some friends are trying to port The Next Penelope on the Nintendo Switch, but absolutely nothing is guaranteed at this point (which is why you should not take this as an announcement, or even a tease). For his next game, he chose to go with Unity, which will make releasing it on consoles much easier.

Source: Aurélien Regard
Thanks – ̗̀new ̖́- DB-XL for the heads up!

Ratalaika Games

Today, Ratalaika Games shared some quick news about their current projects:

  • the Nintendo 3DS version of Plantera will be sent to lotcheck today for Japan;
  • they’re currently working on polishing the final levels of the Defend your Crypt update (that may be sent to lotcheck this week, along with the update for Blasting Agent, if everything goes well)

Source: Ratalaika Games

Jools Watsham

Here’s Episode 2 of the Jools Watsham Weekly Show!


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