Inazuma Walker Vol. 08 – Inazuma Eleven Reloaded and Ares Ep. 1 trailers, more

Today, Level-5 livestreamed the latest episode of Inazuma Walker, its webshow entirely dedicated to the Inazuma Eleven series (and more precisely Inazuma Eleven Ares). This time around, we got quite a lot of goodies: trailer for Inazuma Eleven Reloaded, the first episode of the Inazuma Eleven Ares game, and even some gameplay footage for the game!

If you missed the livestream, no problem: here’s the full recording!

Also, if you came here looking for news about the Inazuma Eleven Ares game, make sure to check out this post instead! The one you’re reading right now is only overing the presentation itself, with all the details + footage for the game going into that other post.

Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #1

The first corner of this episode was the usual one where fans share memories / fun anecdotes about the series. This time around, the theme was “The Ultra Dimension Near You!”. Basically, extraordinary things or people that have happened or could be found near you.

The theme for the next episode is “Just you watch, Mr. Akihiro Hino! This is my Inazuma Eleven!”. Basically, they’re asking for players to share memories of their time with the game, such as “I wanted to have that character at defense position, but it was too hard to recruit him”. It can be impressive things you did in the game, fun things that happened to you, parts you struggled with, etc.

If you know Japanese and want to participate, you can fill up this form. If you want to share some pictures, you can do so via Twitter, using the following hashtag: #俺のイナズマベストイレブン. You have until November 17th to submit something!


Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #2

The second corner was the one that was introduced in Vol.7: “Please read THAT line again”, with the three special guests reading famous lines from the Inazuma Eleven series.

The special guests were:

  • Junko Takeuchi (Endo Mamoru) 
  • Terasaki Yuka (Tenma Matsukaze)
  • Ayumu Murase (Inamori Asuto)

They read lines from the following episodes:

  • Inazuma Eleven
  • Inazuma Eleven Episode 23
  • Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon
  • Inazuma Eleven Episode 17
  • Inazuma Eleven GO Episode 2
  • Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Episode 7
  • Inazuma Eleven Ares Pilot Film

Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #3

The third segment was one where they talked about the three protagonist of the Inazuma Eleven series, using various keywords to describe them.


Endou Memoru:

  • “Football loving idiot” (basically, someone who loves football so much, they can only think about it)
  •  “Positive”
  •  “Goalkeeper Protagonist”

Tenma Matsukaze

  • Football Novice
  • Natural Perm
  • Time Traveler

Asuto Inamori

  • Country Boy (comes from a remote island)
  • Thorns (in reference to his… spiky hair)
  • Super Action Power

Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #4

During this segment, they discussed the big Inazuma Eleven event that was announced several months ago, which is now taking place on January 21st, at the Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. There, two things will be shown (among other things, this isn’t the full program!):

  • Inazuma Eleven Reloaded, the “Another Episode 27”, that bridges the original Inazuma Eleven series and Inazuma Eleven Ares, basically replacing the original Episode 27;
  • Inazuma Eleven Ares: Episode 1

What’s more, Akihiro Hino specified that the version of the first episode to be shown at the event would be akin to a “Director’s Cut”, longer than the one that will air on TV in April.


Here’s the preview for Inazuma Eleven Reloaded:

And the one for Inazuma Eleven Ares: Episode 1:

Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #5

Next, it was announced that the next episode of the livestream would be in just a month, on November 25th. It will be on a Saturday again, and at 8PM. This episode will be about the big Inazuma Eleven event in January, and will have more details about it (including where and how to get tickets, and more). We can probably expect the next episode of Inazuma Eleven: Outer Code too, but it’s not 100% confirmed yet.


Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #6

This was the Inazuma Eleven Ares game segment. Check out this post for all the details and some footage!

Inazuma Walker Vol.8 – Corner #7


The last segment had various announcements, starting with the animate Girls Festival, taking place on November 3rd and 4th in Japan. Level-5 will attend it, with Inazuma Eleven Ares there. Visitors visiting their booth will be able to get some nice goodies.

Next, there’s a “rebroadcast” of the original Inazuma Eleven anime series, at the following places:

  • Level-5 YouTube channel
  • CoroCoro YouTube channel
  • animeteleto

For starters, the first 5 episodes are available until November 20th. Here’s a playlist with all 5 episodes:

Episode 6 to 10 will be available from November 20th.


By the way, if you watch the episodes, and find the keyword in each one, you can enter it on this website (and more precisely this page) to get a high-quality wallpaper!

Finally, the last announcement is about Kyushu Cedec 2017, where Akihiro Hino and Yasunori Mitsuda will give a talk about composing the music for a cross-media project like Inazuma Eleven.

Source: Inazuma Walker (YouTube)


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