FUSER: two new DLC tracks + free Loop Pack releasing this week

Harmonix have announced that FUSER is to get two more DLC tracks this week:

  • Imagine Dragons – “Follow You” ($1.99)

One of the most monumental Rock bands of the last half decade, Imagine Dragons deliver another powerful track with “Follow You”. Released in March 2021 as a lead single from their highly anticipated fifth studio album, “Follow You” continues to rise on multiple Billboard charts, hitting No.1 on the Alternative Airplay & Digital Charts as well as Top 10 across eight other Billboard Charts in the U.S. alone.  The lead vocals maintain the recognizable diction and style of Imagine Dragons. Booming hits from the drum disc give the song a quality unlike any other track in the game yet! While the drums keep the energy of the song high, there is also plenty of empty space helping to balance your mixes. On the lead instrument disc church style organ accompanies dramatic string fills. The bass disc contains robust low end electrified synth sounds, helping to round out the rest of the track.

  • Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear – “my ex’s best friend” ($1.99)

Machine Gun Kelly & blackbear join forces to deliver the sonically enticing “my ex’s best friend”, the third single from Machine Gun Kelly’s fifth studio album, Tickets to My Downfall.  The track topped various Billboard Rock Charts including No.1 Rock Streaming, No.1 Alternative Airplay, No.2 Hot Rock & Alternative, and Top 10 on numerous other charts. The song continues to climb and has reached the Top 20 of the Hot 100! The lead instrument disc of “my ex’s best friend” delivers a classic Rock strum pattern on both electric and acoustic guitars. The punchy bass provides a layer of depth to the entire track, and it’s electrified eighth note rhythm keeps the energy hurling forward. The unique drum loop offers both trap and rock inspired rhythmic patterns, making it a versatile disc to enhance the genre diversity in your mixes. The vocal disc is a brilliant showcase of the remarkable storytelling ability of Machine Gun Kelly and vocal dexterity of blackbear.

There’s also some free DLC for you to grab this week:

  • Loop Pack (Dissentor): includes dance music-inspired sounds

Source: Harmonix



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