Fire Emblem Heroes: trailer for the “Brave Heroes” Summoning Focus, RT event

Yesterday, during the latest Feh Channel presentation, we finally got some details about the special Heroes from the Choose your Legends event. It was announced that the Top 2 Male and Female characters would be distributed as special characters on August 31st, as part of a special Summoning Focus called “Brave Heroes”.

Here’s the characters found in this Summoning Focus:

  • Lucina, the Brave Princess (from Fire Emblem Awakening). Voiced by Alexis Tipton. Artist: Kozaki Yuusuke;
  • Roy, the Brave Lion (from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade). Voiced by Ray Chase. Artist: Wade Sachiko;
  • Lyn, the Brave Lady (from Fire Emblem). Artist: Yamada Kotaro;
  • Ike, the Bave Mercenary (from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance). Voiced by Greg Chun. Artist: Kita Senri.

And as announced yesterday, you will be able to get one of those 4 Heroes for free, so you can start thinking about which one you will choose because you can only get one free character!

This new Summoning Focus will come with a new Paralogue Story also called “Brave Heroes”, most likely featuring 3 maps as usual. Also, there will be a set of Special Quests going live at the same time (as always, all the details will be available on the Events and Content Updates page).

Finally, the official Twitter account announced a RT campaign on Twitter. If enough people retweet the tweet below before September 4th, then all players will get some free Orbs and Hero Feathers:

  • 10 000 RT = 1 Orb, 1 000 Hero Feathers [already reached]
  • 30 000 RT = 3 Orbs, 3 000 Hero Feathers [already reached]
  • 50 000 RT = 3 Orbs, 5 000 Hero Feathers

Here’s the tweets to retweet:

As usual, the rewards will be available for all players!



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