Fire Emblem Heroes: special event involving friends to go live next month

Fire Emblem Heroes was released on February 2nd worldwide, and since then, several events have been held to keep players interested. Several are still on-going, such as the EXP x1.5 Event that is running until February 23rd (you can check out this post to learn more about all the on-going events and special campaigns currently running).

Naturally, players can expect lots of various events in the upcoming weeks and months. In fact, one was announced during the Cipher Festival 2017 WEST (a special event dedicated to Fire Emblem 0, the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game), that Shingo Matsushita (one of the two Directors of Fire Emblem Heroes, from Nintendo) attended as a special guest.

We know very little about that special event, just that it will involve friends. And… that’s pretty much it. Right now, friends don’t have much use in Fire Emblem Heroes, as they only allow you to get some bonus Hero Feathers via greetings.

But the developers previously confirmed that new game modes would be added to the game at a later date, and it’s definitely possible this friend event is related to such a mode. Hopefully, Nintendo will share some actual details soon!

Finally, here’s something not directly related to Fire Emblem Heroes, but Fire Emblem Fates instead: Sakura is getting a Nendoroid figure!

Source: official Twitter account


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