Art Academy: Atelier (Wii U) coming out on June 26th in Europe, will get a retail release

Back in 2013, Nintendo released Art Academy Sketchpad on Wii U: a special version of the software, allowing users to draw various things and post their creations on Miiverse. However, no lessons are included, as this version of the software only includes the “drawing” part (with various tools, materials, etc.).

Nintendo did announce that the full version of the software would launch on Wii U soon, but its release date was delayed several times since then. Good news: the wait is almost over, as Nintendo announced this morning that Art Academy: Atelier would launch on June 26th in Europe! Unfortunately, we do not know (yet) when it will come out in Japan and North America.

Here’s the announcement from Nintendo of Europe, on Twitter:

As mentionned in the tweet, Art Academy: Atelier will include a rather neat feature: you will be able to upload time-lapses videos of your works on YouTube. That way, other people will be able to see how you came up with your creations (from the very first stroke, up to the last), even if they don’t own the software. You can set the duration of the video to one, two or five minutes.

In its Press Release, Nintendo explains that Art Academy: Atelier includes the Lessons Mode, which provides step-by-step tutorials to learn various drawing and painting techniques. There’s three levels for those lessons (which become more and more complex as you progress):

– Beginner
– Advanced
– Tools (a brand new type of lessons)

Of course, Art Academy: Atelier will have a “Free Mode”, where you can draw freely without any restrictions. You will even be able to save your creations on a SD Card (in order to transfer them on your PC, for example), but also view them in a Virtual Gallery.

This Gallery also includes a “Family Wall”, where members of your family (linked to the same Wii U console) can all paint on the same canvas (not at the same time, as this is not a multiplayer mode).

And as you can expect, you will be able to share your creations via Miiverse, and they will be automatically sorted thanks to predefined tags. Even better: you can view other people’s works without even leaving Art Academy: Atelier!

And in case you’re wondering whether Art Academy: Atelier will get a retail release, the answer is… yes!

Source: Nintendo



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