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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – All you need to know (Happy Homeroom, Goals, more), Retweet campaign, more

A new Software update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is now available (Ver. 2.2.0), and it introduces some major new features and improvements. In this post, you will find all there is to know about that new update, starting with the main new feature: Happy Homeroom!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Happy Homeroom

In this “mode”, you have to design rooms, using various bits of furniture. Once you’re done, Lottie and other Animals will judge your designs. By passing Happy Homeroom classes, you can increase your HH Rank, which allows you to get some juicy rewards… such as HH material, and more. HH material can be used to craft Golden Series furniture, available after reaching Amateur Rank 1.

Some quick notes about Happy Homeroom:

  • you need to reach Level 6 to access it;
  • you need HH Vouchers to take a Happy Homeroom class, and those replenish over time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Goals Made Convenient

This update brings two neat improvements to the goals screen:

  • a button has been added: Collect All. As the name indicates, it allows you to claim the rewards for all completed goals with just one tap!
  • arrows have been added, allowing you to see all the pages for a particular set of goals (you can also swipe the screen).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Visit the Fortune Cookie Shop

Not the biggest of changes, but definitely a pretty convenient one: the Fortune Cookie Shop now has its own icon on the map, allowing you to go directly to it by tapping the icon. Of course, you can still reach the shop from the Market Place!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Other Updates

This new update also brings the following changes:

  • new app icon
  • new loading screen and title screen
  • the name of the following items has been changed (even if they’re already in your inventory):
    • Big bro’s hat > Mario’s hat
    • Big bro’s tee > Mario’s tee
    • Li’l bro’s hat > Luigi’s hat
    • Li’l bro tee > Luigi’s tee
    • Big bro’s mustache > Mario Bros. ‘stache
    • Wario hat > Wario’s hat
    • Bad bro’s stache > Wario ‘stache

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Other Adjustments

This update changes the theme of various bits of furniture. Check out the image gallery below for the complete list of changes!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Resolved issues

The following issues have been fixed thanks to this update:

  • from February 25th to February 27th, when you previewed the terrain of your campsite, the winter design was featured instead of the spring one;
  • in English and French only, when you shared rare creatures with another player, the notification in the Visitors tab would read as if you had only shared one rare creature (regardless of how mant you actually shared).

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0 – Videos

Here’s a new commercial for the game:

And here’s a video retrospective of some of the many features added to the game during the past year:

Finally, a Retweet campaign is now live on Twitter, and runs until March 3rd 9.59PM PT / March 4th 12.59AM ET / 5.59AM GMT / 6.59AM GMT / 2.59PM JST. If the following tweets are retweeted 50 000 times (combined), then all players will get 2 types of Fortune Cookies (Poppy’s cocoa cookie and Apple’s glazier cookie) as gift!


Since the goal was reached much faster than expected, it has been doubled: the total number of Retweets required is now 100 000! But it’s not just the goal: the rewards have also been doubled, with twice the amount of Fortune Cookies. Also: a bonus Fortune Cookie will also be released tomorrow (March 1st)!

Update 2

The RT campaign has reached 89 613 RT as of today. The goal is in sight!

Update 3

The total number of RT reached 101 396, which means the revised goal has been reached! All players will get 5 Fortune Cookies on March 11th:

  • Poppy’s coco cookie x2
  • Apple’s glazier cookie x2
  • Diana’s fay cookie x1

Here’s the tweets to Retweet:


That’s it for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Ver. 2.2.0. Make sure to keep an eye on the Events and Content Updates page to keep up to date with all that’s happening in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp!


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