Splatoon: new map to be added in a few hours (Pirahna Pit)

Splatoon 1In a recent interview with GameInformer, Nintendo revealed that the distribution of free content for Splatoon would end in January. In other words, we only have a few weeks left with new weapons and maps. After that, Splatfests and Software updates will continue, but nothing new will be added to the game.

Today, Nintendo announced that a brand new map would be added in a few hours: Piranha Pit. It was actually revealed a couple of days ago in a new trailer for the game, but as usual, Nintendo didn’t tell when it would be added to the game. This map is located in a mine, and there’s conveyor belts everywhere: you need to take those into account when coming up with a strategy. Will your team go right or left? Also, you can see huge machinery in the background.

Here’s some pictures for the Piranha Pit map:

Due to the New Year holidays in Japan, this new map for Splatoon will be added on Tuesday instead of Wednesday or Saturday. The time, however, remains the same:

  • Europe: 3AM
  • UK: 2AM
  • North America (ET): 9PM (today)
  • North America (PT): 6PM (today)
  • Japan: 11AM

This is most definitely the last content update for Splatoon in 2016. Also, don’t forget the 9th Splatfest for Europe, which takes place this week-end!

Source: Nintendo



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