[N-Direct] Dragon Quest Builders headed to the Nintendo Switch next year

Last month, during the Dragon Quest Summer Festival at the Tokyo Big Sigh, Square-Enix announced that Dragon Quest Builders 2 was in development, and that it would be released on Nintendo Switch. Now, you’re probably wondering if there’s any chance the first game (Dragon Quest Builders) could also come to Nintendo’s console, ahead of the sequel. And the answer is… yes!

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, it was announced that Dragon Quest Builders would be released on Nintendo Switch in Spring. We don’t quite know if there’s going to be any Nintendo Switch exclusive content or features, or if this will be a straight port of the PlayStation versions.

What we do know is that the Nintendo Switch version will let players explore the world while riding a Great Sabrecub (in free build mode). That special mount boost your speed, and actually grants special materials by defeating enemies. One Sabrecub, two stones! The Tokyo Game Show takes place next week, so it’s likely Square-Enix will share more details in the upcoming few days.

In the mean time, here’s the footage from the Nintendo Direct presentation:


Dragon Quest Builders (Switch) comes out in Spring 2018 worldwide. It’s been added to the Upcoming Games page!



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