Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – JP Commercials, screens

Mario Tennis Ultra SmashMario Tennis: Ultra Smash came out in November last year, and it didn’t really set the charts on fire… According to unofficial sources, the game sold a total of 67 000 units in the United States alone, which really isn’t a lot (especially during the busiest period of the year). Will the game fare any better in Japan?

It’s unlikely that it will (since only the biggest games sell well on Wii U in Japan), but Nintendo is certainly not going to give up before even trying. Earlier this week, they revealed not one, but three different TV Commercials for the game (which also got 3 pages in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine).

But before the commercials, here’s some screenshots for the game (along with the Japanese boxart, and the download card):

Here’s the TV Commercials:

You will find the other two commercials after the break!

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U) comes out on January 28th in Japan.




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