Flame Keeper: The Beasts of Orbis videos

Flame Keeper is a dynamic action roguelite developed by Kautki Cave, and releasing next week (on March 17th) in Europe and North America. And ahead of that release, Untold Tales (the publisher) is planning to shared various “The Beasts of Orbis” videos, introducing some of the creatures you will come across in the game.

And in this post, you will find all the videos in one place. Naturally, it will be updated as soon as a new video is shared, so keep checking back!

March 14th

The 4th video introduces the Spider!

Spiders, spiders, spiders: way too many legs and eyes for those crawling venom bags! Several species have found their niche in about every corner of Orbis: ground dwellers, acid throwers, tree climbers, you’ll need to stay on your toes to avoid their deadly fangs! Or even better, walk on theirs, they have eight of them, can’t miss ’em! How many Vulpis kids disappeared because they climbed the wrong tree looking for shiny sparks? Their spider sense are acute and they weaved their webs all around the map, turn the wrong corner and that’s the whole colony you will have to face, don’t get overwhelmed!

March 13th

The second video introduces the Mole!

When you feel the ground moving beneath your feet, escape! The Mole is trying to eat you for dinner. A fast dash followed by a burning punch should put that diggy worm back where it belongs: on the menu! This miniature version of Frank Herbert’s sand worm is at least as sneaky as its spiritual big brother, and is definitely not venerated by the local population. The few trials to domesticate it for ploughing the fields at the Vulpis village having all failed, Ignis has found that it makes for a very convenient snack when hunting for fire sparks.

And the third video introduces the Hedgehog!

Strolling around in his heavy armour, the hedgehog is a tanky beast. And an irritable one at that. A terrifying mix between a ball of barbed wire and the fury of an Audi driver, one of the scary creatures nature ever birthed. Millennia of selective breeding purely towards attack and defence. Hitting their armoured shell is futile, they know the punch is coming (must be all those spike sensors). Fortunately, aeons of evolution missed an important part untouched: the hedgehog of Orbis has a peanut brain behind its thick skull. Dodge their death roll and let them whack themselves against a wall, they won’t be able to brace themselves for the death sentence you prepared for them.

March 9th

The first video introduces the Pixie!

The Pixie has conquered most of Orbis thanks to a fast reproduction rate and a marked hostility, you will see it often! This little rat demon is repulsive enough by himself, but careful not to get overwhelmed when his buddies are around! Ignis sends them flying by the tail ecosystem-regulation style, straight into the dark corners of the map. That’ll teach them to threaten the Vulpis village (and be a little bit disgusting).

Flame Keeper (Switch – eShop) comes out on March 17th in Europe and North America.


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