Bleach: Brave Souls heads to Nintendo Switch this Summer

KLab has just announced that Bleach: Brave Souls, a Free 2 Play 3D action game based on the Bleach manga/anime series, is headed to Nintendo Switch this Summer. It will launch in most regions around the world, with the exception of China and some specific regions.

Here’s the latest video, showcasing the most recent characters to be added to the game:

Masaki Kurosaki (Thousand-Year Blood War 2024 version)

Masaki is an Echt Quincy and the last of the Kurosaki family. She was engaged to marry Ryuken Ishida, but during a certain incident she met the Soul Reaper Isshin Shiba and was saved by him. 

Isshin Shiba (Thousand-Year Blood War 2024 version)

Captain of Squad 10. When a certain incident results in him visiting the World of the Living, Isshin meets his future wife, Masaki, and makes an important decision that will affect her life.

KLab doesn’t provide many details about the Nintendo Switch version, and only specifies it will support English, Japanese, French, and Chinese.

This Nintendo Switch version of Bleach: Brave Souls comes as part of KLab new strategy, which consists in expanding onto multiple platforms and devices in order to ensure as many players as possible can enjoy their games. First launched back in 2015, Bleach: Brave Souls has been downloaded over 90 million times (includes repeat downloads).

Source: KLab PR (28/05/2024)


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