Nintendo news (September 16): Super Mario 3D All-Stars / Nintendo Switch Online

Today’s Nintendo news: commercial for Super Mario 3D All-Stars, but also…

  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Pokémon anime series
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  • Pokémon GO

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Here’s a commercial for Super Mario 3D All-Stars:

Super Mario 3D All-Stars (Switch) comes out on September 18th worldwide.

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo have revealed the September line-up for Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online and Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online. The following games will go live on September 23rd worldwide:

  • [SNES] Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
  • [SNES] Mario’s Super Picross (Europe and North America only)
  • [SNES] The Peace Keepers (Europe and North America only)
  • [NES] S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team (Europe and North America only)
  • [SNES] Super Tennis: World Circuit (Japan only, already available in Europe and North America)
  • [SNES] Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem (Japan only)
  • [SNES] Wild Guns (Japan-only, already available in Europe and North America)

Here’s some videos for this line-up, along with some screenshots of the Japanese line-up:

Source: Nintendo

Super Mario Maker 2

The latest Ninji Speedrun level for Super Mario Maker 2 is now live. The speedrun event runs until September 23rd, but as usual, the level itself is available permanently.

Here’s one lone picture:

Source: Nintendo

Pokémon anime series

Here’s various video clips for the Pokémon anime series, celebrating National Ash Ketchum Day:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Here’s the preview video for the latest Fortune Cookie in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Carrie’s apple cookie, now available until December 15th:

Pokémon GO

Niantic are adding two more limited-time bundles in the Store. They both include 3 Remote Raid Passes, and cost only 1 PokéCoin. Here’s when they will be available:

  • Bundle 1: September 15th to September 19th
  • Bundle 2: September 21st to September 29th

Source: Niantic



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